A success for every fail.

Prac is over and I’m reflecting on my ICT “what worked and what didn’t”

I was interested to see how a classroom in a special education context would find ICT engaging, most enjoyed the big interactive TV at the front of the room and most used the IPad with a degree of mastery. Yet both these ICTs had been used in a game/entertainment sense rather than educational before I arrived. Using the IPad and Prolou2go the students would quickly sign out of the application and load up their favourate game. Took till week 2 for them to start using it as a communication tool rather than entertainment.

This in itself was a success out of a fail, along with losing 2 USBS of uni work and lesson plans. Getting to school too early with no way to ACCESS printers/wifi until mentor had arrived. Another fail as it was lost planning/printing time. Preparation was key in a special education context and I found that ICT was average in application but the students couldn’t get enough of my educational uses. Sing along counting songs for maths, prolou2go for commutations, PowerPoint with visual cue cards for cooking the list goes on.

Anyway back to part D. The last assignment part for this semester. Good luck my EDC3100 people.


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