Being Practical.

So today I did an art lesson in my dress pants/business shirt. Afterwards my mentor suggested perhaps I start dressing for the grade 2 special school environment. Tomorrow will be dress shorts, polo shirt and runners.

I gave my mentor the 4 page lesson plan to read, she said that it might be awesome for my assignment but for her to fit in every other detail in her day a “cheat sheet” of 1 page would suffice for feedback on each lesson. Currently I’ve completed 1 and have another 3 planned.. English/Maths and the introduction lessons for each morning which I can reuse (Intro video + Puzzles/worksheet book of days of the week/name/1-10 ect..)

I guess to conclude teachers must meet the needs of the students, dress codes must adapt and we must maximize learning time rather then focus on the paperwork.


2 thoughts on “Being Practical.

  1. Reblogged this on britz1988 and commented:
    Being a Kindergarten teacher in my daily job I understand the importance of dressing appropriately for the job because one small activity can cause alot of mess on your clothing, but I can see the dilemma you face Lucas, with needing to dress appropriately for the prac/class but also looking neat and professional at the same time.

    Definitely also understand the lesson plans while its great that we have to fully write out lesson plans for prac to get the understanding it is not what occurs in the real teaching world any more, it is all done in shorter form and digitally to make planning more effective and efficient.


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