Time to prepare rather then prac turning into a tuckshop for keeping evidence

Drop box seems to be the way to go Steve believes for storying each weeks evidence including mentor’s notes, lesson plan feedback and copies of the related documents such as ICT form and other info.

KPike suggests using a personal IPAD as a laptop when on prac to record information straight away and take pictures of lessons being implemented in classrooms while on prac.

Sandra Patrocks hasn’t even TOUCHED uni lately due to life commitments (similar to me with my daughters swimming and my own personal social soccer team)

Jamie Rykers talks about her first say doing a science lesson (my mentor has already suggested I teach more then I’m ment to in order to “jump straight in”)

Jamie also links in with my other thoughts on a Indiana jones style teaching bag and what to include.

Mine will include Ipad, pens/stickers/my lunch/coffee/paper/spare lesson plans/spare worksheets/USB with resources/USB with Videos/water/pain killers.


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