No IWB No computers and 2 Ipads… No worries

So currently I’m developing lesson plans using the ICTs available to me… No IWB, 2 Ipads used mostly for communication (that the students use in a game way not a learning tool) a TV which loads USBS and… that’s it.

I asked my student friend Michelle Casey some ideas for teaching a grade 2 class (as this is my first time in a younger grade setting)

I followed Liv1609 to read up on balance and see I don’t need to be superman just really really organized.

Steve had already put his week 11 theory table up so I made sure to blog mine (had only posted it on forums)

After getting my weekly reword back it seems I’ve hit my word quota, my resources linked quota but I’m falling behind in blog posts and linking students.

So in week 15 and during prac I need to link to more students, and post more blogs.

The fact this is my first time in a low grade class will be an eye opener, I can deal with challenging behavior but never had to deal with “ankle biters” in a sense.

I feel my ICT inclusion in lessons will surround youtube learning clips, powerpoints, as my IWB ready learning games can’t work on a tv without a mouse/touch screen. IPads are the students communication devices so that’s another avenue to link them with learning but makes it hard to bring learning games into the classroom. Guess it’s good old fashioned created resources.


3 thoughts on “No IWB No computers and 2 Ipads… No worries

  1. Reblogged this on britz1988 and commented:
    IWB’s are great but I have also come to see that they are not always the best and Ipads are a great way to work in smaller groups which are more effective. IWB’s are great when they work you can involve all the children in your class, compared with an ipad which is better suited to a small group, but when we have an IWB we can not see how much all the children and taking in and understanding, where as working in a small group with ipad’s allows us to ask more individual questions and children the opportunity to speak up more, I have seen this from my own personal experiences where I have and IWB and Samsung Tablet in our kindergarten room, and we use both on a daily basis as we have a large group of 36 children per day it is not possible to use the tablet in small groups for all children everyday.


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