My prac placement a year 2 grade (Everyone needs a unicorn)

So I finally found out my placement on Monday at 11am (after everyone else) a grade 2 class consisting of II/Autism and non-verbal students. I quickly loaded up some basic signs I had saved in a document and began hoarding resources on foundation level classes and sensory activities.

My mentor called me that afternoon after I emailed the site coordinator for that school and we started to discuss my lessons, teaching the letter O/G and my mentor asked me to construct some power points to load up on the classroom TV since it was the only ICT they had access too (USB port included) (and 2 personal Ipads the students used for assistive technology aka communication).

As this is the first time I’m working with smaller students then the usual challenging behaviours on prac I’m extremely concerned.

Ange Woodward has talked about her prac placement here. Talking about hands on tools and behavior such as Class Dojo

Belinda talks about the relief of finally having a prac placement.

Currently I’m downloading Jolly Phonics video clips from youtube and sing along songs for letter 0/G/Days of the week and writing an introduction letter to the parents of the students.

Here is a link I came across to surviving teaching


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