CLEM 2.0

Clem stands for :

  • Community – Communities typically develop useful knowledge and resources on how to use ICT for learning and teaching.
  • Literature – Research can provide useful insights into what works and what doesn’t.
  • Examples – Easiest to learn about a new ICT from examples, examples can be great inspiration for your own lessons.
  • Model – ICTs have a particular model embedded into it, knowing the model and words to describe the components can be much simpler.

In week 11 the moodle talks about this new theory in implementing ICT’s in classrooms, Community (develop useful knowledge and resouces for learning) Literature (Research into how it works/doesn’t work) Examples and Model (how ICT should be used/give safe strategies to implement it)

After just getting off the phone to my Mentor I find my classroom will be on the other end of the ICT spectrum (2 Ipads 1 TV 7 kids) the first question asked when I mentioned ICT’s was “Can you make powerpoints?” ….

Looking at a classroom were visual cues and prompts will mean more then the written/spoken word I’ll need to provide strong examples of what I’m teaching and model appropriate use for my prac students.

A resource I’ve used in the past is Pancake manor, puppets that teach kids about the subject.


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