Social media being the ultimate theft device?

So currently myself and a few EDC3100 students who have completed week 10 learning moodle have come across the ultimate dilemma. Do we change our names on FB in order to protect ourselves from online predators/Nosey Teachers, employers, parents, students and so forth. A few of us asked the other to check up our Facebook and see what we could see. Turns out if you use pictures on your cover page they will always be seen. Also likes can be monitored (so if you liked half naked green loving bikes from mars) then this could be an issue for future employers who may not have the same enjoyment of this topic or see how the unprofessional side of that person is.

Another topic mentioned was birthdays, and FB has this lovely notification of when your birthday occurs it informs everyone on your list….. Glad to know most password or information recovery elements for bills, email and banks want this as a primary form of information recovery.

I always have the top privacy option and a strong fire wall that I pay for yearly but even so it seems that we readily give our information up without even thinking about it. Another topic mentioned in this weeks moodle was about pictures having located IMPRINTED onto them (which I knew about) so cover pictures and so forth will inform the person viewing WHERE it was taken….. Geotag is an open course program where you put the image into it and it tells you WHERE it was taken.

A fellow student Wendy freaked out about the week 10 moodle as she believed she was quite savvy when it come to safety online until she took a few challenging activities.

Here is a website to remove the EXIF data from photo’s so the location can not be found.


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