Prac safety kit

Taking a leap out of Sandy’s book I decided to print out all my needed documents and “prepare” as much I can for an unknown prac placement (previously I’ve set up my own and had a month to plan before hand)

  1. ICT Statement FormLesson Plan Template (and electronic access to the template)
  2. Weekly Feedback forms
  3. Professional Experience Interim Report form
  4. Professional Experience Final Report Form or Referees Statement

Also included a small amount of printed out resources, worksheets, online games/IWB games on a USB to cover all year levels. Another big help has been extending my PKN by joining resource FB groups and Pinterest groups in order to build up creative resources and my own network to hear ideas from other teachers. One being a group called “Surviving casual teaching” which in part I would think would seem like prac placement with no prep time.

So far prac placement has been a mixed bag, nothing bad to say but definitely a range of different teaching styles and approaches. From the yelling mentor which worked for her to the passive simply write homework on the board till the students realized.

Now finally ill end on a lighter note, here is a song which has helped me through this last week which has been challenging from a family part, work, university part also (trying to cram 3 assignments 2 of which are 60 mark assignments in before prac)


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